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We offer something very unique to our patients with tendon and plantar fascial pain. Patients that have low grade tendinosis in their Achilles’ tendon or chronic plantar fasciitis, we use Tenex Health. This combines ultrasound imaging for visualization with the advanced Tenex microtip for rapid and precise cutting and removal of diseased tendon or plantar fascia. This is different from dry needling, because we’re actually able to remove the diseased tissue. We often combine this with regenerative medicine injecting amnionic allograft after the tenotomy or fasciotomy. This optimizes the healing and recovery time. The pictures show what the Tenex instrument looks like and an example of diseased tendon in the Achilles’ tendon that the procedure was used for. This patient is still in the rehab stages, 4 weeks postop, and states that the pain is significantly less than prior to the surgery. This is an effective minimally invasive procedure that can keep our patients active during their postop course. If you’re currently having lingering tendon pain or chronic plantar fascial pain come see us.