By Dr. Rowe
September 11, 2018
Category: Trauma

Chronic Ankle Pain:


Cartilage damage to the ankle joint can cause chronic low grade pain in the ankle joint. A common complication of a mild to severe ankle sprain is cartilage damage on the talar dome. The MRI shows inflammation and cartilage damage in the lateral shoulder of the talus, of a patient that sustained a moderate ankle sprain while playing basketball. The patient has been in pain for over one year and hasn’t had any relief. His ankle pain is worse when he’s more active, which is frustrating for him because he loves playing basketball. An osteochondral lesion of the talar dome can cause deep ankle pain that is low grade. At times patients can feel a clicking or popping in the joint. There can also be pain in the joint with full range of motion. I have done multiple ankle scopes in the past that have alleviated most if not all of the pain, and I normally use regenerative amniotic injections to optimize the healing of the talar dome. Regenerative medicine can be a benefit in many aspects of surgery from wound care to cartilage damage repair. If you have any ankle pain come see us.